We are committed to building an environment & culture that actively supports Muslim Athletes, at all levels, throughout our organisation,and our industry

The Nujum pledge and charter is the beginning of a journey for professional sporting organisations to contribute to the equality and diversity landscape

With the pledge we hope to assist our sporting partners and affiliates to create a framework to self- evaluate and help better understand the needs of Muslim sporting professionals and their fans

The pledge is just the beginning and we hope that all our partners take the journey with us so we can listen, learn, and initiate positive change.

The Muslim Athlete Charter creates a framework to challenge organisations to make progress on recognising and providing support for Muslim athletes

Charter organisations set out the baseline they are starting from, set targets with timeframes to improve their provision of services and care and lay out what steps they will take to achieve their goals.

The Charter is supported by a suite of ‘toolkits’, resources to help organisations
realise those targets.


This pledge is the first step to becoming a credited Nujum Gold Star organisation. Signatories to the pledge are making clear their support for creating positive change within their respective organisations, and collectively, across the UK sports sector.


Signatories of the pledge will have the opportunity to profile their work to improve the culture within their respective organisations. Nujum Sports will profile pledge organisations, with theirpermission, through blogs and social media.